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    IEL Turns 50!!!

    The year 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the Institute for Educational Leadership. Since 1964, IEL has championed the need for leaders at all levels to shake off their institutional constraints and work together to address the needs of children, youth, and families.

    For 50 years, IEL has been equipping leaders to work together across boundaries to build effective systems that prepare children and youth for college, careers, and citizenship. Those 50 years have yielded many Leadership Lessons for the 21st Century.

    Read Education Week's interview with our president on our impact after 50 years!

    Watch our new video and learn more about IEL!

  • In Memorium Samuel Halperin
    Photo of three children outdoors learning about plants Text: "Community Schools: Youth Development & Community-Based Learning"

    Strengthening School-Family-Community Connections

    To help schools and other key stakeholders build deep, intentional partnerships that achieve better results for every young person, from early childhood to young adulthood.

    Community schools foster learning environments that extend far beyond the classroom. Students learn and problem solve in their communities. Our vision for community schools is that through investing in youth and community development, students will engage in learning, achieve to the best of their ability, and become productive citizens and participants in our democracy.

    Read a recent Education Week article on connecting youth to communities to enhance development and learning. Read our Community Schools report, Community-Based Learning: Engaging Students for Success and Citizenship.

  • Developing and Supporting Leaders
    Photo of DC EPFP class of 2013-14 at Hill Day during Washington Policy Seminar

    Developing and Supporting Leaders

    In education and related fields to grow and refine their capacity to work together across institutional boundaries, increase their professional and policy knowledge base, and expand their networks of support.

    IEL, in partnership with its fourteen state-based program sites, is recruiting for the 2014-2015 cohort of the Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP)™, which prepares high-potential individuals for positions of leadership in education and related fields. EPFP operates in Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachussetts, Mississippi, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and South Carolina. Apply today!

IEL's mission is to equip leaders to work together across boundaries to build effective systems that prepare children and youth for postsecondary education, careers, and citizenship. Learn more about IEL…

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