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Washington, D.C. EPFP

The Washington, D.C., EPFP™ provides unparalleled opportunities for Fellows to develop leadership skills and an understanding of public policy. The program capitalizes on the area's wealth of resources, as well as on the talented Fellows in the program. Three areas of professional development are stressed: leadership development from personal and theoretical perspectives, understanding of policy issues and processes, and development of productive networks and relationships across a range of organizations. A weekend retreat at a rural conference site outside Washington, D.C., introduces Fellows to the program substance and begins the process of team-building. Fellows meet thereafter at evening sessions twice each month, and two extended, daylong sessions provide the opportunity for deeper study of significant issues or policy areas. Seminars, site visits and a policy project engage Fellows in studying topics of current as well as perennial interest, including issues of national concern and the more immediate challenges to policymakers and service in a metropolitan, crossjurisdictional area. Occasional visits to local organizations, schools and government offices open doors to a new understanding of "life on the inside." The Richmond Policy Seminar gives Fellows the opportunity to explore the dynamics of policymaking at the state level. A book club engages Fellows in disciplined reading in the literature of policy and leadership. Feedback through leadership and social styles inventories provides a range of alternative perspectives on each Fellow's profile of strengths and areas for development. Each Fellow creates an Individual Development Plan to reinforce professional growth as an intentional, systematic process. An active listserve, maintained by the U.S. Department of Education, sustains collegial, and often provocative, electronic conversations between the planned events. EPFP™'s extensive alumni network of over 500 members in the D.C. metropolitan area offers a rich ancillary resource for information, expertise and career development. The program is sponsored and supported by IEL. The D.C. Web site is at http://www.iel.org/programs/epfp/stateprogs/dc.html.

Institute for Educational Leadership
4455 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Suite 310, Washington, DC 20008
Tel: (202) 822-8405, Fax: (202) 872-4050, E-mail: iel@iel.org

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